Downtown Development Authority

City of Grayson

438 Grayson Parkway

Grayson, Georgia 30017


January 05, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:06 pm.


Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Laurie Anderson, Eddie Russell, David Sitz, Jimmy Norton, and Tommy Carraway


Minutes from the last meeting were made available and approved. Motion by Dave Sitz and 2nd by Eddie Russell.  Sitz, Anderson, Russell, Mitchell and Carraway approved. Norton abstained.


Public Input:  None


Old Business:

Audit: Motion to have audit performed in conjunction with city of Grayson Audit at a cost not to exceed $4500 by Laurie Anderson, 2nd by Tommy Carraway. All in favor.


Personnel Committee: Discussion on replacement of Manager. Chairman Mitchell will look into the new job description as well as the possibility of using an intern for the position. Chairman Mitchell will draft the Job Description and RFP.


New Business: NONE


Treasurer Report: Tommy Carraway provided copies of the P&L and bank statements.


Manager’s Report:  DDA Manager’s Report was distributed by Gail Lane for all to review.


Discussion/Director Comments: None


Announcements: Chairman Mitchell thanked Gail Lane for her good service and management of the DDA’s affairs.



ADJOURNMENT: Chairman Chip Mitchell asked for a motion to adjourn at 7:35 p.m. Motion made by Tommy Carraway; 2nd by Eddie Russell. All approved.



Respectively Submitted:

Laurie Anderson