Downtown Development Authority

City of Grayson

438 Grayson Parkway

Grayson, Georgia 30017


December 1, 2014


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:07 pm.


Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Laurie Anderson, Eddie Russell, David Sitz, and Tommy Carraway


Minutes from the last meeting were made available and approved. Motion by Laurie Anderson and 2nd by Tommy Carraway.  All approved.


Public Input:  None


Old Business: None


New Business:

  • Revised Budget reviewed. Motion to approve Revised Budget for 2014-15 made by Laurie Anderson; 2nd by David Sitz. All approved.


Treasurer Report: Tommy Carraway provided copies of the P&L and bank statements.


Manager’s Report:  DDA Manager’s Report was distributed for all to review. Gail Lane announced that she has accepted a position as Community Development Director for the City of Grayson and will be leaving the DDA as of December 31, 2014.


Discussion/Director Comments:

– Chip Mitchell suggested that a committee be formed to review personnel possibilities to replace the DDA Manager.

– Suggestion also made to review incubator candidates and focus for 2015.

– Chip Mitchell also asked for those Directors who serve as the Development Committee to begin reviewing large projects for 2015.

– Tommy Carraway, Treasurer, suggested we check on the cost and requirements of including a DDA audit at the same time the City is audited.


Announcements: None

– A DDA Work Session scheduled for Monday, 12/08/2014. Gail Lane will post notices and alert media per meeting transparency protocols.

– Next meeting to be held Monday, January 5, 2015.

– Chairman Chip Mitchell asked for a motion to adjourn at 7:22 p.m. Motion made by Laurie Anderson; 2nd by Tommy Carraway. All approved.



Respectively Submitted:

Gail Lane