Downtown Development Authority
City of Grayson
438 Grayson Parkway
Grayson, Georgia 30017

July 7, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:00 pm.

Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Laurie Anderson, Jimmy Norton, Tommy Carraway, Dave Sitz,
Eddie Russell

Minutes from the last meeting were made available and approved. Motion by Dave Sitz and 2nd by Eddie
Russell. All in Favor.

Public Input: None

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Treasury Report: Tommy Carraway presented the board with copies of the P&L Statements and YTD

DDA Manager’s Report given by Gail Lane.
1. Blues and Brews is underway and making great progress. Tickets to go on sale Tuesday, July 15th.
Adding a new VIP Doorbuster Event via online only.
2. Mainstreet update of Grayson Mainstreet Board.
3. Farmers Market is going very well and bringing in funding.
4. 6 new Businesses were added to the city bringing 19 employees.
5. 428/Incubator Update: FresKo Media is growing his business and looking to add a full time
6. Still offering and promoting Seminars and Training at the 428 Building.

Jimmy Norton mentioned the Unified Development with Gwinnett County.

Request was made to work with the city to be a part of their next retreat.

Chip Mitchell reported that a study was performed by Precision Planning regarding potential sewer for the
Grayson Industrial Park.

Announcements: None

Next meeting to be held Monday, August 4, 2014. Motion to adjourn 7:15pm by Dave Sitz, 2nd by Tommy
Carrawy. All in favor.

Respectively Submitted:

Laurie Anderson