Downtown Development Authority

City of Grayson

438 Grayson Parkway

Grayson, Georgia 30017



May 4th, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:03 pm


Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Dave Sitz, Tommy Carraway, Eddie Russell, Josh Chastain, Laurie Anderson, Jimmy Norton


Minutes from the last meeting were approved 6-0, Jimmy Norton abstained


Public Comments:  None


Old Business: Personnel Committee discussion was led by Chip Mitchell regarding candidates that have applied for the position.  Two leading candidates were briefed to the board.  We will move forward within the next week with a 2nd round of interviewing.  We discussed salary requirements and parameters for the position.  The scope of work and priority of work are the top priorities of the board regarding the Director position.  The initial focus for the new hire will be implementing policy and procedures as well as continued growth of the incubator program.


New Business:  None


Treasurer Report:  Briefed by Tommy Carraway and approved 7-0


Director comments: We covered a number of loose end topics during this portion of the meeting.  We discussed placement of real estate incubator signs around the community.  Chip led the discussion regarding revolving loan funds and Lilburn was brought up as an example.  We will reach out to them for insight.  Jimmy asked for updates regarding a few improvement projects in the local area, specifically the sewer project.  Eddie and Chip discussed ongoing talks with current business owners in the impacted area.  It was collectively proposed to explore drafting a letter of interest for this project for our local business owners to sign.


Motion to Adjourn at 6:54pm by Dave Sitz, 2nd by Laurie Anderson approved by the board


Respectively Submitted:




Joshua Chastain