Downtown Development Authority

City of Grayson

438 Grayson Parkway

Grayson, Georgia 30017


June 1st, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:04 pm


Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Dave Sitz, Tommy Carraway, Eddie Russell, Josh Chastain


Minutes from the last meeting were approved 5-0


Public Comments: None


Old Business: None


New Business: Chip introduced Brett Harrell to the board as the new Executive Director.  Last week Brett was able to meet with both Gail Lane and Chip in order to get a good hand off as he takes over the position.  Chip went over the two large initiatives/general strategy regarding the Incubator program and investment opportunities in the community.  In regards to the incubator program, Tommy brought up if we would keep the same vetting process for new candidates. We discussed the dual goal of continuing to build the structure, while looking for marketing opportunities for possible candidates.  Brett briefed the board on his immediate plans and short term actionable items he plans to take care of in the near future.  He asked Tommy for a few financial documents to review and input.  Brett led a discussion regarding a possible incubator candidate in our community that is trying to get his video production company off the ground.  Dave brought up the idea of specializing our incubator program to a certain industry.


Director comments: We went over the Incubator program structure and building of the table of contents to assist Brett in refining how we want it to operate.


Treasurer Report:  Briefed by Tommy Carraway and approved 4-0


Motion to Adjourn at 7:43pm


Respectively Submitted:




Joshua Chastain