Downtown Development Authority

City of Grayson

438 Grayson Parkway

Grayson, Georgia 30017



April 6th, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chip Mitchell at 6:02pm


Members present: Chairman Chip Mitchell, Dave Sitz, Tommy Carraway, Eddie Russell, Josh Chastain, Laurie Anderson


Minutes from the last meeting were approved


Public Comments:  None


Motion to amend agenda to move personnel committee Executive Director position discussion to old business made by Chip Mitchell, 2nd by Dave Sitz passed 6-0


Old Business: Personnel Committee discussion was led by Chip Mitchell regarding candidates that have applied for the position.  Goal is to move forward with interviews in the later part of the week.  We discussed salary requirements and a tentative schedule for the day to day operations of the position.


No updates on the sewer project.


Incubator sign and template was reviewed by the board.  Laurie briefed us on the city ordinances regarding signage.  Motion to approve Jimmy Norton’s signs with a $200 cap (ultimate approval by Chip Mitchell) was made by Dave Sitz, 2nd by Tommy Carraway passed 6-0.


New Business:  Eddie Russell led the discussion regarding the incubator action plan proposed to our current tenant.  Recommendation was made by Eddie to discontinue support of our incubator program to the current tenant.  Chip asked if the current tenant was part of the goal making process (Yes).  Tommy asked if clauses and documentation is present for such action (Yes).  Motion was made by Eddie Russell, 2nd by Tommy Carraway passed 6-0.


Dave Sitz briefed us on two new candidates for our incubator program.  A video production company and merchandising company were discussed.



Treasurer Report:  Briefed by Tommy Carraway and approved 6-0


Director comments: Website maintenance was being conducted by Chip while awaiting the Executive Director position to be filled.  Chip is happy to create an email for any board member that would like one.  He would like Tommy to continue to explore Revolving loan funds.  Chip took time to discuss the general nature of confidentiality associated with our positions.


Motion to Adjourn at 6:47pm by Dave Sitz, 2nd by Tommy Carraway approved by the board


Respectively Submitted:




Joshua Chastain