As an entrepreneur, working from home can be the epitome of living the dream. Conferencing in your PJ’s, being home when the kids get off the bus, taking care of family matters in between phone calls … letting the dog in, letting the dog out … and that laundry isn’t going to “do itself”!

It’s time to get out of the house and into Grayson’s coworking facility at the 438 Building. Here’s 5 really good reasons to join:

1. Working from home can be distracting. Playing fetch with the dog, watching Spongebob with kids, putting up the dishes from last night’s dinner … sure, all these things need to be done, and when working from home, these distractions can really take a toll on productivity. The coworking facility at 438 Grayson Parkway provides a professional atmosphere to help you get those thoughts straight and make headway on your corporate to-do list.

2. Working from home can be isolating. Sure, for a few days, it’s pretty novel to hang out in your flannel pj’s with Oprah on the television for company. But there will come a day – yes, there will – when you’re going to need to discuss an idea, brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, or just have a fellow small businessman to commiserate with when enjoying those not-so-joyful tasks like collections or quarterly tax returns. Coworking provides a network to the real world of entrepreneurs who face these same challenges.

3. If your network has only three letters that coincide with specific channels on the television, you definitely need to get into Grayson for coworking. Being part of a business community can help you learn about new resources, best practices, and new applications that can enhance your business and make you more efficient.

4. We love all of our local coffee houses, but plugging in for the day and chatting on the phone with someone sitting a mere foot away makes confidentiality a little difficult to guarantee! And let’s face it, what you spend in cups of coffee to overcome your guilt from the stares of café employees can take a dent in corporate profits! At 438 Grayson Parkway, we have coffee … along with internet and a quiet place to conduct business. And we don’t expect a tip.

5. Meeting clients. The usual 10-second-tidy-up when the in-laws are coming doesn’t seem adequate when meeting with clients. And many times, clients are not comfortable coming into a residential setting to do business. At 438 Grayson Parkway, we have 2 conference rooms available for one-on-one meetings as well as larger group conferences and seminars.

We welcome you to Grayson’s 438 Building for coworking. Memberships start at $75 per month with coded access for your convenience. For more information, please contact Gail Lane at 678-395-4959 or by email at